Biz Dev Questionnaire


How do you plan to use Social Media?

This is where you list the Social Media sites you plan to use along with a description of how you plan to use them in your outreach and/or substantiation. Your blogging plans should be listed in the dedicated section on your Biz Dev Planner.

Social Media consists of Internet-based communities such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat and interactive blogs. Social media is an effective way to both stay in touch with existing contacts and reach out to new ones. This is an important and growing topic and requires that you get familiar with all the social media outlets that might work for you. You need to spend time with each to get familiar with how they work.

The key is using the tools that are being used by your targets. For example, If your targets are in-house counsel of large corporations, they may be less involved in FaceBook and more in LinkedIn.

Be careful not to rely on Social Media so heavily that you ignore live interaction with your prospects. While Social Media can be an extremely effective tool, it does not have the emotional bonding quality of live interaction on the telephone or face to face.