Biz Dev Questionnaire


What offers do you make to maintain your relationships with targets?

In an effort to maintain relationships with your targets, you need something of value that you can offer that will motivate them to spend more time with you.

If you fail to stay connected, there is a great risk that the relationship will lose its momentum. So, after you have implemented your first follow-up offer, or a low-barrier closing offer that is not accepted, you need to offer a relationship maintenance offer.

Relationship maintenance offers are particularly important for people who have not hired you or people who have not referred you to a prospect. They are also important for clients who only use your services intermittently and who may meet your competitors in the interim.

Relationship maintenance offers could be some form of entertainment, seminar or event, or anything that will motivate your targets to respond and continue spending time with you. They may be provided at no cost or you may be able to charge for them. Of course it is best if you can get paid for staying in touch.

You should have an inventory of prepared relationship maintenance offers. And, as you interact with your prospects, you should constantly be listening for reasons to spend more time together in the future. Remember the rule: A goal of every interaction with a target is to schedule the next interaction."