Biz Dev Questionnaire


What aspects of your business are newsworthy?

Articles written by journalists and reporters about you and your business could be beneficial. For that to happen, youmust identify issues that may be interesting to your targets.

An issue may be as simple as your getting a promotion, but if you can identify more compelling issues, you increase the liklihood of having an article written. For example, are your pursuing some kind of cutting edge srategy - either in the way you run your business or serve your clients? Or, are you helping the needy and underprivileged or being of some other benefit to the community as a part of your business? 

If you do have a topic that may be if interest to the press, you should identify the publications that are read by your targets. You can document that information in your Target Worksheets. Then simply reach out to reporters and/editors. You could call them or send a letter or issue a more formal press release.

You may choose to use the services of a public relations professional who is knowledgeable about the process of reaching out to the press.