Biz Dev Questionnaire


What changes do you want to make to your website?

Your website is your electronic brochure. People who are referred to you will probably visit your site before they call you.  And, people will search for your website via the Internet when they are seeking your services. 

Your site needs to provide a comprehensive amount of information. But it should be easy to navigate with a variety of subheadings.  Visitors may easily become frustrated if they can't quickly find the information they are seeking.

One of the best ways to think of improvements is to be aware of the websites you visit and keep notes on the things that you like. 

Another key to a successful website is providing helpful information so that visitors actually benefit from their visit. It is a good idea to provide value in the form of tools, articles, videos, seminars etc.

There is a correlation between the amount of time someone spends on your site and their feeling confident in your ability to be of service. This concept is called, "Stickyness" and you should endeavor to provide elements that make people want to stick on your site.

A great use of your site is to invite your prospects to visit it when you are talking with them on the telephone. During your conversation, you can provide a tour of the site and point out the value it provides along with the issues about your business that you want to them to appreciate.

You will probably want to hire a consultant to help you develop your site. A good way to do that is to look at the sites of your contacts and when you find sites you like, you can ask about the developer.

If you want to enhance the number of visitors that come to your site, you may consider hiring a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant. They may be able to help you identify key words that prospective visitors are most likely to use in their search for your services. Those words should be incorporated in your site.

There are many consultants who are in the businesses of website development and search engine optimization. Before you hire one, be sure you examine their prior work product and be sure to check references. There are many consultants who overpromise.