Video: Target Lists Intro

A short how-to video on using Target lists.

Video: Target Worksheets Intro

A short how-to video on using Target Worksheets.

Video: Questionnaire How-To

A short how-to video on using the Questionnaire.

Video: Intro to BizDevCoach

A short introduction video to BizDevCoach, the first in an ongoing series.

Visit Prospects when You Travel to a Client

Remember that "face time" is the best way to develop a relationship. When you travel to visit a client. Try to schedule an extra day or more to visit some prospects in the same city. The best way to motivate your prospects to want to visit with you is to offer something of value such as a seminar or a brief overview of an important issue. When you meet, be sure to make an offer for the next conversation so you can maintain momentum.

Consider Entertaining as a Biz Dev Tool

One of the best ways to stay connected to quality targets is entertaining a small group. You may consider a dinner party at your home. Or try to blend your recreational interests with a fun event for a small group of targets. The more fun the better. Entertaining a group gives you the ability to mix some current clients with some prospects. The group experience is often easier than 1/1 because everyone mingles creating an upbeat experience. If you're going to do an event, be sure you make a personal phone call.  


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