Have a Target List? Now What.


Benefits of Target Worksheets

Target worksheets give you the ability to see a snapshot of a target at a glance — where key info is presented that helps move the relationship forward.  Central to this is that you enter data which then triggers ideas for outreach.

For example, Mutual Contacts.  Identifying a mutual contact can spur you to put on events where your mutual contact and your target a present.

Another example is Organizations.  By identifying organizations your client is a member of you can ask the program chair to arrange for you to speak.

It’s all about creating opportunities to interact with your target by having quick access to an inventory of catalysts — the more catalysts, the more ideas; the more ideas, the more likely you’re going to make a positive move in the direction of your target.

Obstacles to Target Worksheets

To some people it seems burdensome to enter the data in the Target Worksheet.  They’re already overwhelmed, and perhaps they’ve even taken the time to make a Target List, and it just feels like too much.

Tips for Target Worksheets

The best tip for Target Worksheets is to simply acknowledge the benefit.  That having this info will be a tremendous help.  Acknowledge that you won’t just remember all of these things about a target.  When you acknowledge the benefit you’re more likely to do it.  If you enter it now, you’re going to save time later when you try and think about it.

And having this information on hand when you’re pursuing a target makes an enormous difference.  Guaranteed.