Biz Dev Questionnaire



When you introduce your contacts to BizDevCoach®, not only will they receive the normal free 30-day trial period, but also - when they subscribe, they will receive an extra 30 days of the service at no charge. Plus, when they subscribe, you will receive 30 days for free. You both win.

Note: When your contact registers for BizDevCoach for the 30-day free trial period, we define that as, "Registering." When they decide to proceed and provide us with their credit card information, we define that as, "Subscribing."

So, to be clear, you will receive your free 30-days additional access to BizDevCoach when the people you invite actually subscribe. You will not receive an extra 30 days additional access if they register, but do not subscribe.

If you are a member of a firm/group account, your additional free days will be available to you only when you leave that group.

BizDevCoach® maintains a record of the contacts you have notified and if they register and subscribe. It will also maintain a record of how many free 30-day segments you will receive as a result of subscriptions from the people you've introduced.

You can send up to 10 multiple invitations at a time. If you do, the personal message will be the same for everyone in that group. If you want to send individual personal messages, you need to send them one at a time.

If you see that someone has not registered or subscribed, you can resend your invitation and remind them. That way they don't have to find your original email.

Reminder: There is no cash value to the free 30-days segments you accrue. If you decide to cancel your account, no refunds are owed to you.