Biz Dev Questionnaire



A PlanPal® is someone you select to create a biz dev support system. A PlanPal® will help you clarify your thinking regarding your Targets, Biz Dev Plan, Projects, Objections/Responses and Innovations. Also, a PlanPal® will gently hold you accountable so you are more likely to stay engaged and implement. A PlanPal could be a colleague at your company or firm. Or, you could select someone outside your firm - even in a different profession. You may want to have several PlanPals - especially if you are working as a team.

You and your PlanPal(s) should commit to having periodic conversations (possibly monthly). Prior to each conversation, each PlanPal can email his/her target list, plan, and/or innovation worksheets and/or proposals to the other(s) using the BizDevCoach® PlanPal® system.

Note: Your browser may have a safety mechanism with an offer to block future emails. Don't accept the offer. If you do, you can refresh the page and send the email again.

If you have chosen a PlanPal who has not subscribed, you can send an invitation using Win/Win and if he/she subscribes, you will both receive an extra 30 days for free.Then, during the conversation, each will help the other improve his/her biz dev planning and implementation.

To protect your privacy and the privacy of your targets, the target list that you e-mail can be redacted to remove names that you may not want to reveal to your PlanPal. Note: Be careful to choose a PlanPal who is not a competitor. Even though the names on your target worksheets can be redacted, you could reveal information that you don't want a competitor to know.

PlanPal® Process:

To begin, click on Add a PlanPal and enter his/her name and email address and click on Save. You will automatically return to your list of PlanPals.

Then, set a time to talk with your PlanPal. You can meet in person or on the phone. Phone is easier and likely to be more efficient. You should agree in advance as to how much time to dedicate to your conversation. 15 minutes devoted to each is a good beginning.

During your conversation, each of you should take the role of both "Planner" and "Guide."

The Planner is the person who has created a plan. The Guide is the person who is asking clarifying questions and helps the Planner identify areas of the BizDevCoach Tutorial that would be of assistance.

Make sure you divide your time as a Planner and Guide evenly. Don’t let one PlanPal monopolize the session.

Make sure you are prompt in calling and available if you are being called. If you are inconsistent or unavailable, the relationship will be less likely to succeed.

When you are ready to send your biz dev information, click on the appropriate PlanPal® and choose the information you want to share. You should redact the names of your Targets if you wish to keep them confidential. Redacted target names will show Target initials so you can still identify which notes apply.

Note: Even though you can redact the names of your targets, you should review your biz dev information to make sure you are not sending information that you don't want to share with your PlanPal.

During the conversation, each PlanPal® will take turns being the “Guide” or the “Planner.” A Guide is not a business development consultant, advisor or mentor. Rather, the Guide is focused on helping the Planner justify and clarify biz dev decisions.The Guide should review each document sent and ask questions that help the Planner develop certainty that their entries are valid.

Regarding the Biz Dev Plan, the Guide should ask questions such as:

1. What were the factors that lead you to this answer?

2. Where could you find more information to help you learn more about this issue?

3. Who could help you in this effort?

4. What resources will you need to implement this?

Regarding Targets, the Guide should address issues such as:

1. Why does this target qualify as a good investment of your time?

2. Why are you convinced that your next step will be effective?

3. When do you plan to implement your next step?

Regarding Innovations, questions could include:

1. What was the thinking that led you to this entry?

2. What are the reasons your believe your entries are valid?

The objective is to review as many of your PlanPal's targets, Biz Dev Plan and Innovations as possible in each session. If you can't complete a full review in a session, make a note to pick up where you left off in the next session.

While the Guide is not a business development consultant, if she/he is aware of resources that would be helpful to the Planner, it is appropriate to mention them. The Guide should always suggest that the Planner review the BizDevCoach® Tutorial. The Guide should never be pushy or demanding.

Note re giving opinions: Guides who are not acting as a biz dev team should be aware that it may not be a good idea to give their opinions about the biz dev ideas of the Planner. If a guide wants to voice an opinion, she/he should specifically ask for permission to do so by saying something like, "Would you like my opinion about that?"  If people are working together as a biz dev team, it should be understood that opinions are welcome from the team becuase everyone should agree on targets and strategies.

Note re receiving opinions: If a Guide does give an unwelcome opinion, the Planner should feel free to remind the Guide that the role is to be supportive and stick with the questions listed above. The Guide should be gracious and agree not to give opinions in the future

Remember that getting support is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your momentum. Always schedule the next conversation with your PlanPal® before you end your conversations. If you don't it will be more difficult to schedule or it may result in delays. If the relationship between PlanPal®'s is not working, you should feel comfortable in saying that you want to put it on hold and no one should take it personally.

Note re. ending a PlanPal® relationship: There are many reasons a PlanPal® relationship may not work out. There is no need to provide a reason for putting the relationship on hold. Both should be gracious in the parting. Your goal is to create a PlanPal® partnership that works and benefits both parties for as long as possible, with the full understanding that PlanPal® relationships will probably change over time.