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Group Administration

Welcome. This information is for the benefit of someone who wants to start a group subscription or for someone who is already an administrator of an existing group.


If you want to start a group account, you must first be in the system as an individual. If you have not yet registered, go to www.bizdevcoach.com and click on "Register for a 30-day free trial" and create an account for yourself. Then, go to "My account" and click on "Start a group subscription." Then follow the instructions on the screen. If you have already registered, go to "My account"  and click on "Start a group subscription."


When you start a group subscription, you will automatically become the the Primary Administrator;  you will have access to the service as a subscriber and be included in the billing. There is no charge for you to use the system as an administrator if you are not also registered as a subscriber. If you want to stop using the software as a subscriber, but continue in your role as the administrator, you can go to the "Group Admin" link, find your name in the list of "Current group members", and click "Remove." You can also remove yourself as a subscriber in the "My account" section. Go the the "Group subscription info" section and click on "Leave group as subscriber."


As the primary administrator, you are the point of contact for the members and potential members. There is only one primary contact administrator and you can only be removed if someone else is identified as the primary contact.


It's a good idea to have at least two administrators at all times – just in case you want to remove yourself from the role or if you are not available to fulfill the duties of an administrator. Simply click on "Add new" in the Administrator section and enter the required information.  If they are new to the system, they will be sent an email invitation with a password.  If they are a current subscriber, the "Group Admin" link will be automatically added to their dashboard.  Be sure to advise them about adding an additional administrator if you leave so there will always be at least two in the system. 


Any administrator can edit the system and identify the new primary contact adminstrator. If you want to change the primary contact administrator, click on the "edit" link of the new primary administrator and check the appropriate box. A group must always have an administrator. If you are the only administrator and you want to remove yourself from the administrator role, you must add a new administrator first.


As a group administrator, you are in a position to edit credit card information and invite, edit or remove group members. When you initially enter a credit card, your group will have a 30-day free enrollment period. During that time, all members will have free access to the site.  After billing commences, new group members do not receive a free 30 day trial.  The credit card will continue to be billed each month until you terminate the account.  There are no refunds - even if an account is terminated prior to the next billing date.


To invite members, click on the "Group admin" link, go to "Current Group Members" and click on "Invite new members. Then add the email address(es) of the person or people you want to invite. Please enter one email address per line.

When you invite an already active subscriber, you must invite them using the same email address that they used as in their original registration. They must re-register as a group member by clicking on the link which is automatically provided when you invite them. When they accept your invitation, all of their data will be transferred to their group member account. Any earned future months on their individual account will be deferred and be available to them in the event they are removed from the group account.

When you invite a new member, their email address will be listed as a Pending group member and will automatically be moved to the list of Current Group Members when they register. You have the ability to resend an invitation if a potential member fails to register.

A subscriber can only be in one group. If you invite someone who is in another group, you will be notified and that person will not be allowed to join until they are removed (or remove themselves) from the other group.

If a there is only one group administrator and he/she is no longer available to act in that role, there are two ways to create a new administrator.

  1. Use the "Contact us" tab and notify us. We will get back to you and create a new administrator of your choice.
  2. Notify all the members to leave the group. The credit card will no longer be charged and you can identify a new administrator to open a new account.