Biz Dev Questionnaire


What are the titles of the people who have the authority to hire you?

As you become aware of the titles of the people who are in a position to hire you, you will enhance your ability to find more quality targets. This may seem obvious, but many people mistakenly reach out to too large a market and spend valuable time interacting with people who are lower-quality targets. It is true that you might meet someone who may not have the ideal title but could introduce you to you to the right person, so interacting with potential referral sources can be beneficial. But, you should maximize your biz dev time with those with titles that you have determined are best for you. Titles could be:
"C" Suite (CEO, COO etc.)
In-house Counsel

In addition, as you become increasingly familiar with and understand the titles of your best targets, you will be able to identify the organizations they support and attend, the publications they read and other activities they pursue that may create opportunities to meet and interact with them.