Biz Dev Questionnaire


Which seminars/webinars do you plan to deliver?

Seminars and webinars are one of the most effective biz dev strategies. They are relationship maintenance offers for existing contacts. They are first follow-up offers for new acquaintances. And because they have a scheduled date, they force you to do your outreach.

Unlike speeches that you provide through organizations, this sections deals with the programs you will produce. They are a subset of events you plan to implement.

The biggest obstacle to implementing seminars and webinars is developing the content. You can minimize this problem in several ways:

1. Keep it short. The seminar does not have to include every important detail. In fact, it should have just enough to be responsible.
2. Make it a panel. That way the responsibility is divided among several speakers.
3. Just be the host. You get a lot of benefit by just being the host and let others do all the speaking.

A key to your success is producing programs that are interesting to your audience. Make sure the content is filled with actionable tips.

Remember to invite not only the people you know but also the strangers on your Wish List. Also, be sure to ask your invitees to give yo the names of people they know who might be interested in being invited. But, don't give them the authority to invite anyone they choose. They may be thoughtless enough to invite your competitors.

It is a good idea to personally call as many invitees as possible to invite them to your program. Personal invitations dramatically increase attendance.

When attendees arrive, be sure to make them feel welcome and validate their parking.

Since you will be in charge of inviting your guests, you will already have their contact information. But don make the mistake of thinking that you will follow up after the program. You should still make offers during the program that motivate the attendees to reach out to you.