Biz Dev Questionnaire


What client updates/newsletters do you plan to write?

Updates and newsletters are a good way to make sure that everyone in your contact database occasionally is reminded of your name. That way, when a need arises, they are more likely to consider contacting you.

But don't expect your prospects to contact you after receiving your updates/newsletters unless they have a need. The timing has to be perfect.

An important biz dev strategy is to spend time talking with you - even if they don't have an immediate need. Talking with your prospects by phone or in person gives you the time to learn more about them. As you learn more, you can communicate more about your business and how you can be of service.

You can use updates and newsletters to promote conversations by making offers that may be attractive, such as seminars or checklists. Remember, you goal is to create an opportunity to interact with your prospects so you can guide them through the selling process.

Another way to enhance the effectiveness of updates and newsletters is to limit the amount of information in the initial broadcast and require that people click on a link and log on to your website to read the rest of the article. This will notify you that someone has shown interest in the topic and may make you feel comfortable enough to reach out and offer to provide more information or customize the topic to their needs.

One of the obstacles to updates and newsletters is that they are time-consuming. There are several solutions:
1. Keep a folder with your ideas. When you get an idea, you may want to make the time to write about it. Every time you think of a possible topic, document it in your folder. Collect articles, updates and newsletters of your competitors.

2. Block out writing time in your calendar. Some people can develop new habits by scheduling them.

3. Delegate. If you have support staff, you can make this a part of their job. You could help them by arranging for them to interview you. You can explain the issues and they can write about them. Your support staff can also write about their own areas of expertise. Delegating not only produces the product, it is also an effective training tool.

4. Hire a writer. You can reach out to colleges and universities to to find students who can interview you and write your updates and newsletters.