Biz Dev Questionnaire


What biz dev goals would you like to achieve?

This is where you can list your goals. Many people like to set goals as a way to motivate and measure progress. For example, you might choose to set a goal of implementing four seminars per year or meeting 200 new targets. Try to set goals over which you have some control and that can be easily measured.

One of the keys to achieving goals is to create systems that will logically produce the results. For example, if you want to meet more people, you need to identify systems for doing just that. You need to list the people you know who are well-connected. You need to identify the organizations that are populated by the people you would like to meet. You need to consider researching the names of strangers who you would like to meet and then develop outreach strategies.

When you enter a goal, it will automatically be entered into the "Goals" section in the Top of Mind section of the Biz Dev Dashboard.