Biz Dev Questionnaire


Top of mind

This is where you list important concepts that you want to keep in mind throughout your day. It could include affirmations, guiding principles, key strategies, and talking points. Top of mind is a particularly valuable part of BizDevCoach. You will easily be able to review the things that motivate you and the wisdom that you want to impart to your targets. You should review it regularly - especially prior to communicating with a prospect.

You can click on the up/down arrow and drag and drop items in the order of their priority. The more you tinker with your Top of Mind items, the more they will become engrained in your thinking. You should constantly be aware of additional items to add to Top of Mind. This will enhance your entrepreneurial energy.

You can access Top of Mind from your mobile devices but it does not have the same functionality as on your computer.

We have pre-populated Top of Mind with some suggestions.

Be a Person of Value. This is a reminder that the best way to improve your business development is to constantly be improving the value you offer to your targets.  When you are valuable, you are attractive to your targets. Strive to help your targets before they hire you so that you can build trust. You will see in the Biz Dev Questionnaire that there are a variety of offers you can make to your prospects to help you develop and maintain your relationships.


Review your target list daily. This may be your most important new behavior. Reviewing your targets increases the likelihood that you will 1. Develop greater clarity about the criteria that make for a good Target. 2. Think of reasons to reach out, and that will enhance your ability to develop those relationships and produce business.

Of course you can delete the pre-populated Top of Mind items, but be sure to add other things you want to remember throughout your day.

The Goals section is a duplicate of the final question in the Biz Dev Plan. You can enter new goals only in the Questionnaire. But, you can access the questionnaire by clicking "add or edit goals."

If you want to remember a Top of Mind item but not show it on your active list. You can archive it by scrolling over the item and clicking on the archive link. If you want to retrieve it, you can go to the Show Archived Top of Mind link and click on it. Then, scroll over your item and click on the Unarchive link. 

If you want to print your Top of Mind items, click on the print icon at the bottom. If you want to print both current and archived Top of Mind items, click on the Show Archived Top of Mind link and then click on the print icon. 

If you want to download your Top of Mind items, click on the download icon at the bottom of the section and it will download both current and archived Top of Mind Items.