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Frequency of reminders: One of the most important thing you can do to improve your biz dev effort is to make sure that you are regularly thinking about biz dev. If you accept responsibility to think about biz dev, you will begin to identify new ideas.

The best way to maintain your awareness of business development is to keep your BizDevDashboard always open. There is no need to log out. If you do log out, you can program the system to send you an email reminder to return to the site. Even if you keep the site open, receiving an email reminder to visit the site may be helpful.

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When you receive your reminder, we encourage you to promptly click on the BizDevCoach® link. By doing this on a regular basis, ideally daily, you will find that biz dev increasingly becomes woven into the fabric of your day.

Play "Ta-da!" when target marked as "Achieved the Goal": Just for fun, you can celebrate your achieving a goal with a brief fanfare. You can remove it if you choose.

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