Biz Dev Questionnaire


Wish List Prospect

This is a person or entity that you are aware and who might qualify as a good Target - but, you haven't met yet. They are a total stranger. Your goal is always the same - to obtain the contact information of the decision maker. You can do that by asking your contacts if they know someone at the entity. You can also do research on the Internet. You may also feel comfortable contacting the entity and inquiring about who the person is that you should be talking to.

Once you identify the right person, you can reach out and inquire about the process for getting on their approved vendor list. Some of your prospects may send our a Request for Proposal (RFP) when they plan on hiring a new provider. You may want to ask about the process for getting on their RFP list.

Then, you may decide to that the person or entity qualifies as a Target. If so, you can click on "Promote to a Target" and they will be moved from your Wish List to a Target Worksheet.

You can also promote a prospect on your Wish List by scrolling over their listing on the Wish List.